The annual Guangzhou International Guangya Lighting Exhibition officially kicked off on June 9, 2018. Despite the heavy rain over the Canton Fair venue, the passion of the crowds of visitors and the participating businesses of the industry were still palpable. From the first day of the exhibition, ECOEL has nailed the attention of street lamp authorities, lighting associations and societies, lighting design companies and buyers both at home and abroad, who all highly praised the quality of the ECOEL products.

Street lamps are an important part in urban management. A good street lamp product and lamp system will bring much facility to city administrators and greater sense of achievement to the people. In recent years, ECOEL has been deeply rooted in the research and development of urban public lighting lean management products and systems. Based on the needs of the street lamps in urban management and operational maintenance, it has developed the Wisdom series LED street lamp+ NB-IoT single lamp controller + Vast cloud control platform intelligent lighting solution, which is currently applied in related projects in Shanghai, and has achieved good economic and social benefits. The application of the system solution ushers in the era of energy conservation and intelligence for street lamps, indicates the realization of urban lean management over urban lamp administration, and also makes possible the use of lamp poles as the carrier of various sensing devices.

Chen Yansheng, Director of China Association of Lighting Industry, visiting ECOEL booth

Ling Yingming, Chairman of Zhejiang Association of Lighting Industry, visiting ECOEL booth

Dai Zhaoliang, Secretary General of Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Association, visiting ECOEL booth

The Alighting Award jury visiting ECOEL booth

ECOEL booth

Attracting the attention of Chinese and foreign customers

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