Smart City solutions

Step-by-step towards a smart city

Technology in the field of intelligent lighting has developed rapidly. Urban lighting schemes must keep pace with the times. If it’s hard to determine when you should start adding smart innovation to your lighting network, Ecoel experts can help you understand how to provide real content for smart cities through sustainable multi-year solutions. Street lamp is regarded as the central hub and environment as the decisive factor. Our LED lamps and lanterns are based on this vision for the future, and are ready for the future development.

NB-IoT Single Lamp Controller

NB-IOT single-lamp controller is a new type of intelligent single-lamp controller developed by ECOEL based on street lamp maintenance requirements. Its core chip adopts the current advanced NB-IOT infinite communication module. The product has powerful function, simple installation, simple wiring construction and stable performance. It can be easily realized from product selection, construction design, and VAST intelligent lighting control system by cooperating with the professional LED street lamp and VAST intelligent lighting control system of Easy Shell Company. Operational maintenance and other one-stop service experience.

VAST System

Based on NB-IOT single-lamp controller technology, our experts have developed VAST intelligent lighting control system. With street lamp resources as the carrier, it can realize the functions of accurate positioning, on-demand lighting, public patrol, fault alarm and so on. ERP-based management system is adopted to generate report forms with one key, high efficiency energy consumption analysis and real-time energy consumption monitoring.

Intelligent street lamps with no worries

Our future-oriented LED lamps and lanterns are your ideal lamps and lanterns to solve the replacement problem. Wisdom series lamps and lanterns have realized energy saving, dimming and standard remote control. And that’s just the beginning. In a rapidly changing world, it is very important to provide solutions for long-term development. We are ready. With Ecoel’s smart lights, you can too.

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