NB-IoT Single Lamp Controller

The NB-loT single-lamp controller is a new intelligent single-lamp controller developed by ECOEL based on the demand for street lamp maintenance. Its core chip incorporates the currently leading NB-loT wireless communication module. The product has powerful functionalities and is easy to install, also its wiring construction is simple, performance stable, and when used with the professional LED street lamp and Vast intelligent lighting control system of ECOEL, can easily provide the one-stop service experience from product selection, construction design, operation and maintenance, etc.

Basic Parameters

Working Voltage: DC12V
Output: AC90-305V 50/60HZ
Dimming type: PWM
Power consumption: <2W
Working environment: ambient temperature (- 30 ~70 ~C); average relative humidity (+25 ~25 ~C)

Available with PWM dimming signal output function

With the real-time fault monitoring and fault alarm and reporting function

Compatible with SIM card from a number of network operators with no relay gateway needed

With independent on/off and energy-saving control functions over single lamps on the platform

Easy to install, able to respond to instructions sent through the platform within <6 seconds

With operational supervision functions (personnel management, material management, cost management)

With real-time current, voltage, power, frequency, etc., monitoring over single lamps

With real-time monitoring over the illuminance, pole tilt, temperature, post leakage safety and lightning protection module failure status, etc., of the lamp

Equipped with independent electronic tags, able to realize the whole process informatization of street lamp operation and maintenance through the Beidou navigation satellite system.

Able to realize the quantifiable management of the data generated from road lamp operation such as energy saving, lighting compliance rate, lighting rate and timely maintenance rate, etc.

Vast intelligent lighting control system

Vast intelligent lighting control system, based on NB-loT technology, with street lamp resources as the carrier, able to achieve precise positioning, on-demand lighting, hand-free line patrol, and fault alarming, etc. By adopting the ERP management system, it can generate report sheets, carry out energy analysis, and perform real-time energy monitoring through one-click operation.