Road Lighting Replacement

Various lamp replacement schemes

Are you in a dilemma about the complex replacement tasks and sustainable development goals in the field of public lighting? As a supplier of smart public lighting and smart city solutions, Ecoel has a deep understanding of space quality, energy consumption, innovation, management, maintenance and user needs, which play an important role in changing public lighting. Our experts can help you transition from traditional lighting to sustainable intelligent LED lighting.

How to Replace?

Traditional lighting fixtures have high energy consumption and short life. It’s important to understand your needs. Is it appropriate to replace LED lamps now? What solutions should be adopted in the next few years? Are you ready for future lighting? In practice, we use two common replacement schemes:

1: One-time replacement

When all lamps are replaced at one time, the public lighting will be more perfect. Maintenance is easier and cheaper. If you want to prepare for future lighting, please choose our intelligent LED lamps. In addition, one-off complete replacement can quickly achieve the sustainability goal of reducing energy consumption. But the disadvantage is that the lamp which has not reached its service life will also be replaced together.

2: Phased replacement

The advantage of gradual replacement is that it costs less money because the oldest lamps are replaced in stages within a few years. You can easily plan the replacement plan. The disadvantage is that it takes time to achieve sustainability goals. Phased replacement is also inefficient in management and maintenance. In addition, you need longer time to prepare for smart city solutions.

Intelligent street lamps with no worries

Our future-oriented LED lamps and lanterns are your ideal lamps and lanterns to solve the replacement problem. Wisdom series lamps and lanterns have realized energy saving, dimming and standard remote control. And that’s just the beginning. In a rapidly changing world, it is very important to provide solutions for long-term development. We are ready. With Ecoel’s smart lights, you can too.

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