Managing and operating

Controlling outdoor spaces

The purpose of managing and controlling public lighting is to maximize its function at the lowest possible cost. This means that we tend to use new systems for sharing and collecting data. With Ecoel’s intelligent lighting, you can remotely control and manage intelligent LED lighting. This makes lighting more efficient and, most importantly, cheaper.

Control and monitoring

The lamps and lanterns from Ecoel are widely applicable and serve the future. By using WISDOM series lamps, you will have all the possibilities of intelligent lighting today. Connect our lights to your backstage system through a single light controller to remotely control and monitor the lights. In order to make full use of all the functions of intelligent lamps and lanterns, many enterprises in the market have provided a variety of management and control software. Ecoel is working with all parties to provide you with comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.
Since our lamps can be controlled and monitored remotely, we can:

  • Real-time monitoring of lamps and lanterns
  • Remote control of single light switch and energy saving control
  • Realizing the whole process information management of operation and maintenance
  • Energy-saving of measuring lamp with different dimming schemes

Intelligent street lamps with no worries

Our future-oriented LED lamps and lanterns are your ideal lamps and lanterns to solve the replacement problem. Wisdom series lamps and lanterns have realized energy saving, dimming and standard remote control. And that’s just the beginning. In a rapidly changing world, it is very important to provide solutions for long-term development. We are ready. With Ecoel’s smart lights, you can too.

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