R&D Hardware Resources

Perfect R&D equipment provides a solid backing for the R&D system of the company.

The company has independent and exclusive research and development laboratories and test darkrooms, which are equipped with optical color testing system (higher industrial grade), light distribution performance testing system, intelligent AC test power supply (1000VA), intelligent electricity meter, spectral color illuminance meter, high and low temperature alternating test chamber (-40°C-+150°C, 8-way temperature monitoring), IP-level flushing test device, grounding resistance meter, and pressure tester, etc.

Soft R&D strength

The R&D center has five R&D groups which are the optical group, electric group, structure group, communication group and software group, whose tasks include a series of R&D and application ranging from product design, software development, communication application and platform architecture. Each group has many veteran professionals engaged in optical R&D and application, electronic technology application, mechanical design, etc., with years of experience.

In addition, the company pays attention to the linkage of “production, education and research”, and actively cooperates with Shanghai Jiaotong University Software College, Shanghai Fudan University Electric Light Source Research Institute, Ningbo Vocational and Technical College and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions.