Intelligent Lighting System

Ready for the future

Public lighting can do more than just light up the darkness. Are you already considering the possibility of making lighting networks smarter? Through intelligent lighting system, residents feel comfortable and improve regional value. Maybe you’re just thinking about the right time to enter? Don’t wait any longer, because our integrated LED lamps are ready for the future.

It begins with light

We believe that the public lighting network is the starting point of a smart city. The city has bright spots everywhere. They will soon become the central intelligent city center. Intelligent devices for communicating and exchanging data over the Internet. With the help of sensors, we will make the network more intelligent. All data provided by sensors can be used to create new applications and services for specific areas of your city.

It faces the future

In a rapidly changing world, it is very important to find future-oriented solutions. Therefore, our lamps and lanterns adopt an integrated design and include a remote single lamp controller, which can measure position, motion, ambient light and consumption, etc. These modules make installation, management and maintenance easier and more efficient.

Our lamps and lanterns can be connected to your background system to achieve remote management. For example, a single-lamp controller detects the use of the lamps to signal, allowing the operation and maintenance team to monitor the status of the lamps in real time. With VAST system, our lamps will be more intelligent to achieve new intelligent city solutions.

Intelligent street lamps with no worries

Our future-oriented LED lamps and lanterns are your ideal lamps and lanterns to solve the replacement problem. Wisdom series lamps and lanterns have realized energy saving, dimming and standard remote control. And that’s just the beginning. In a rapidly changing world, it is very important to provide solutions for long-term development. We are ready. With Ecoel’s smart lights, you can too.

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